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One Dish Meals
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5 Reasons Why One-Dish Meals Are Here to Stay

By Dylan Bailey, MS

Baking dishes and sheets (also known as the sheet pan) have been a kitchen staple for thousands of years, with some reports suggesting that the first fragments of culinary cookware date back nearly 20,000 years! Fast-forward to September 2018, we find ourselves undergoing a bit of a renaissance in our appreciation and use of the baking sheet and pan. Just look at what Google has to say about how interests with these one-dish delights has shifted over the past 5-years!

In fact, some have already established September as “Sheet Pan September.” Most of the meals made in these baking vessels are dinners, but before we get into those recipes, what about the sheet pan and baking dish is lending to such a comeback? Here are five reasons why one-dish dinners are here to stay.

  1. They’re ridiculously easy to make
    • Set your oven to the required temperature, throw your ingredients in the dish or pan, and presto – dinner is served.
  2. They’re made in sturdy, affordable, long-lasting and non-technical bakeware
    • How long have you had your baking dishes and sheet pans for? They’re probably not something you think about regularly, and that’s a good thing. With the help of Libby’s® and recipes featured below, you can ensure your bakeware gets the use it deserves!
  3. They’re a weeknight hero 
    • Rushed for time? Need to feed a crowd unexpectedly? Pull out the baking dish. It’s the simple solution to your weeknight dinners (and even desserts!). You can try layering and adding different ingredients at different times in the cooking process for a variety of textures, tastes and aromas. Keep reading to learn how to try this layering tip with our one-dish meatloaf.
  4. Preparation is a breeze
    • Yes, a breeze! Ingredients? Check. Baking sheet or dish? Check. You’re good to go!
  5. Clean-up doesn’t involve much
    • Just throw your used dish or pan in the sink or dishwasher. It’s just another seamless way one-dish dinners are here to stay!

Celebrate the sheet pan and baking dish this September with these quick and easy ideas using Libby’s® Canned Vegetables and Fruits.

One-Dish Meatloaf Masterpiece

That’s right. All you’ll need for this One-Dish Meatloaf, Potato and Vegetable Bake is, well, one baking dish. What’s fantastic about cooking everything in the same pan is that juices from the meat will render out into the potatoes, providing an extra boost of flavor. While packed with protein, this simple weeknight dinner solution also has potassium and fiber from the potatoes and veggies.


Acorn What?

Ever had acorn squash? Well, its taste has been described as a mild, buttery flavor that's also slightly sweet. What’s more, they can be hollowed out and stuffed with all sorts of things – making them the perfect companion for one-dish cooking. This recipe for Baked Acorn Squash With Curried Vegetables will have you welcoming the fall season in no time. While you’ll have to sauté the vegetables and curry powder in large skillet to merry the flavors, we’ll give this a “one-dish sheet pan pass.”

Acorn Squash

Dessert Delight in One-Dish

Surprise! One-dish cooking isn’t just for dinner. Dessert can also be a single-pan operation. That’s where this Apricot Peach Galette comes into play. A galette is a French round cake that usually has a crusty or flaky outside and is sometimes stuffed with savory fillings like potatoes or other vegetables. This version is stuffed with Libby’s® Peach Slices and Libby’s® Apricot Halves, and – you guessed it – uses only one-dish! As an FYI - peaches are a great source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Apricot Peach Galette
Apricot Peach Galette