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20 Minutes or Less Summer Recipes

We all know just how hard it can be to stand near an oven or a frying pan in the heat of summer – so this summer, why not discover new quick and easy recipes with Libby’s® Canned Fruit and Vegetables which can really limit the amount of time spent in the kitchen!


When cooking under time, pressure, or when we simply find ourselves in situations where cooking does not seem so appealing, we can end up cooking less healthier options because it’s somewhat ‘easier’. Well, it doesn’t have to be and thanks to Libby’s®, cooking in any of the above situations can be both easy and healthy.


Libby’s® can help build out any recipe with ingredients that fill you up with things you need this summer, but also helps to eliminate the much-dreaded preparation and clean up time. There is no need to spend all those extra minutes peeling and slicing vegetables. All you need to do is get out to the store and pick up a handful of Libby’s® cans which you can store in your pantry all summer long.


It is very important that during the summer months, when the temperatures are high, and everybody is more active, that we fill our bodies up with the right foods to keep us energized. It is never worth eating unhealthily, just because it seemed easier at the time, so make it a priority this summer to learn how to cook meals which are relatively healthy and can be prepared in under 20 minutes.


Here are some Libby’s® recipes which can be prepared and cooked in under 20 minutes that contain nutrients, minerals and of course taste wonderful!




Curry Tuna Salad made using Libby’s® Sweet Peas and Carrots

This tuna salad is such a crowd pleaser and can be prepared in a very short period of time.

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Coconut Thai Chicken Noodles made using Libby’s® Cut Green Beans

This noodle dish is perfect for cooking when you don’t feel like standing in the kitchen. It’s so easy yet so tasty and takes under 20 minutes to cook.

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Ham and Cheese and Peach Tortellini Pasta Salad made using Libby’s® Peach Slices

This salad can be prepared in just under 15 minutes and is a great salad for summertime picnics and outings.

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For more recipe ideas and inspiration, check out Libby’s® Recipe Box and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.