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Libby’s Solves Your Dinner Dilemma

It’s three o’clock and the kids just got home from school. Between driving them to soccer practice and piano lessons, you’re racing the clock to put a dinner on the table. Libby’s helps you save time, money, and your sanity with our newest initiative, Dinner Dilemma – the solution to your dinnertime woes. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix…
  • Get Back To The Table

Tweet and Eat with Libby’s

Getting back to the table is about sharing meals, but it’s also about sharing conversation. Our community on Twitter is a great place for us to have some of these conversations where we share recipe ideas, healthy living tips, craft projects and inspiration for summer fun, all sourced from our wonderful fans. In case you missed it, here’s what we…
  • Eat Well, Live Well

Stretch Your Budget and Fill Your Shopping Cart: Tips for Saving

If you’re feeling the heat at the checkout counter, you’re not alone. Rising costs of everyday staples have moms wondering how they can afford to leave the supermarket each week with enough food to feed their families. The Worldwatch Institute says that food prices rose 2.7% in 2012, and that population growth and extreme weather conditions are reasons to believe…
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Easy Three Bean Salad

This salad is simple and tastes fresh (even with the cans, I promise!) like I think a summer salad should taste. I eat it with chips, scooped like a salsa. The little girls here (four of them now!) like to eat it with a spoon instead. This salad is also really good scooped onto crostini or thick slices of crusty…
  • Get Back To The Table

This Summer, Get Pin-spired by Libby's!

Our fans tell us they love to use Pinterest to prepare dinner parties and redecorate their homes on a budget. At Libby's, we use Pinterest to motivate you to try delicious recipes, eat healthier and plan fun activities for your families. Get Pin-spired this summer with our board suggestions below to help you achieve your summertime goals! Travel foreign lands…