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  • Get Back To The Table

Libby’s Jingle Contest Update: Jewel Selects the Final Four

The Final Four Have Been Selected, and Now It’s Up to You to Pick the Winner! First, a big thank-you to everyone who entered the jingle contest! After carefully reviewing all the entries, our partner, singer-songwriter Jewel, has selected these four entries (in no particular order) to compete for America’s vote to win the $10,000 grand prize. Jennifer Westcott Tim…
  • Get Back To The Table

Libby’s Jingle Contest Update: Entries Closed, Jewel Selecting Final Five

We will announce the Libby’s Jingle contest finalists and open the voting up to America from May 23- June 17! Thanks to everyone who got creative with their families and submitted a video of their version of the iconic Libby’s jingle! Our partner, singer-songwriter Jewel, is combing through your submissions and will select the top five finalists who will vie…
  • Eat Well, Live Well

Snack Smarts

Having a snack attack? The good news is we need daily snacks to maintain energy levels and to prevent overeating at mealtime. Snacks are crucial for growing children, who have smaller stomachs than adults, which is why they often eat less at the table (unless you have teenage boys!) but also why they are often hungry between meals. How to…