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Spring Brunch
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5 Tips for Throwing a Spontaneous Brunch



Baseball, home improvement projects and fresh flowers are all synonymous with spring, but no one can argue that the most enjoyably delicious spring tradition is always a great spring brunch. The sun on your back, friends around the table and delicious food on your plate. You can practically feel it right now can’t you?

Don't just imagine it, live it, without getting bogged down in the planning. After all, there's no reason to stress over planning a weekend brunch with family or friends. Throwing a spontaneous brunch when you feel like it can be quite simple and enjoyable as the meal itself. All you have to do is follow the tips below and your spring brunch will be instantly amazing.

1. Simplify the invites.


Fancy conventional invitations look glamorous but putting them together takes time you simply don't have. To really get in the spirit of your easy spring brunch, go digital. Send your invites via email, text or to your friends through social media instead. You’ll save time and money, both of which can go into helping you make the rest of the event more memorable.

2. Forget the prep.

Libby's Fruit

Fruit is an absolute must for any brunch but adding it to your menu doesn’t mean you must spend hours prepping it. Instead use a quick and simple ingredient solution like Libby’s® Canned Fruit as a staple of your menu. With nearly limitless recipe options, Libby’s® makes it easy to find the perfect fruit dishes for your guests and it's easy to keep on hand so you don't have to make a trip to the grocery store. It's an easy, win-win solution.

3. Go with a neutral palette.

neutral palette

Setting the table is a fun way to show your creative side — until you start realizing that nothing matches. Don't get bogged down with this. Your spring brunch should be about having fun, not headaches, so avoid the analysis paralysis and go with a minimalist approach instead. Choose a neutral palate like white and set your table accordingly. White linens easily match white dishes and before you know it everything is done — no extra shopping needed.

4. Plan something for everyone.

something for everyone

At first glance, this one actually sounds like it’s making your life harder, not easier. Everyone has foods they do and don’t like and you don't need to spend days in the kitchen to make everyone happy. You just need the right recipes. Start by visiting Libby’s to find hundreds of recipes that are not only delicious, they’re also easy to make. Find 3-4 recipes that appeal to you and your guests, and you should have every picky palate covered!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Ask for Help

Everyone will love your spring brunch so why not ask if they can lend a hand in bringing the event to life? Whether it’s games to play, beverages to bring or a dessert to enjoy, your friends will be quick to help you in making this brunch a reality and they'll all enjoy the time spent together that much more if everyone pitched in to make it happen.

canned fruits