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Summertime Snacking





As we enter August, the dog days of summer are quickly coming to an end. Families everywhere are spending more time than ever on patios and around campfires, making the most of the long days and late nights. Kids are enjoying their last few weeks before school starts, which means they’re busier—and hungrier—than ever!

Keep your entire family happy, healthy and energized to enjoy the rest of summer with yummy and nutritious recipes using Libby’s® Canned Fruits and Vegetables. These no-fuss recipes are perfect to have on-hand for summertime snacking!

Sweet Snacking

When you need a quick pick-me-up early in the morning that you don’t have to clean-up after, try these Fruit and Oat Snack Bars made with Libby’s® Apricot Halves, oats and raisins! These gluten-free treats are perfect for no-mess snacking on the go, and you can bake them ahead of time and keep in the fridge for a morning snack! 

Fruit & Oat Bars

Sneak In Some Veggies

For a summertime snack you don’t have to feel guilty about, make this Smoky Carrot Hummus. A can of Libby’s® Sliced Carrots, chickpeas and a few spices are all it takes to create this winning dip packed with protein and vegetables. This snack is tasty and nourishing to fuel a full day of summertime fun!

Smoky Carrot Hummus

Cool Off

Nothing beats a frozen treat to cool off on a warm day! Instead of reaching for a sugar-filled popsicle, try these Ginger Peach and Kefir Popsicles instead. Made with just three ingredients, these pops are a breeze to prepare ahead of time and freeze for later!

Ginger Peach Kefir Pops


Fruit and Oat Bars