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No More Back-to-School Blues!

Once the lazy days of summer have come and gone, your family may have a hard time jumping back into the busy school routine. However, the transition doesn’t have to be stressful! Keep your family from turning summer into “bummer” when the first day of school arrives.

Minimize anxiety. If your children are apprehensive about a new teacher or classes that don’t include their best friends, try and get them comfortable with the new situation. Quick fixes like a walk around school to map out a typical day or a personal introduction to a new teacher can help make an unknown situation easier.

Keep organized. Show your children how organization can be both efficient and fun. Let them pick out colorful planners and notebooks, and show them how to update it with important information like homework, tests, football games and friends’ birthday parties.

Snack Hassle-Free. The school year fills your family schedule with carpools, homework, tutoring sessions, sports practices and play dates, so it can be difficult to ensure that your kids maintain a balanced diet. When the kids are in a rush, Libby’s Single Fruit Cups offer a convenient and affordable snack, and contain one complete serving of fruit so they get great nutrition even during the busiest of school days!

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